Effective communication across cultures to advance in an interconnected world

With increasing personal and professional demands to effectively communicate across cultures in order to advance in our global and interconnected world, we believe that when individuals and organizations recognize the need to build and grow cultural competencies, Intercultural Understanding can provide the training necessary to meet these requirements.

Intercultural Understanding works to help develop intercultural competencies within the education, not-for-profit, and business sectors. We conduct workshops, seminars and courses throughout the year focusing on mobility, study abroad, re-entry, effective cross-cultural communication practices in business, training-the-trainer, as well many other topics that further intercultural competence development.

We also provide consultancy in personal and organizational intercultural development. With our Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) Guided Development programs, we tailor our services to the needs of the individuals and organizations we serve using the assessment results offered by the IDI® as a base from which to build upon. These programs are designed to meet the local and global diversity training requirements as part each of our clients’ needs.

With a solid methodology based on developmental theories as well as a strong cross-cultural foundation and extensive experience working with expats, study abroad students and staff, and professionals involved in sending and receiving individuals and groups as part of mobility projects, Intercultural Understanding will help you in your personal and professional requirements of achieving greater intercultural competencies.