Discover new perspectives, new interpretations and new ways of doing and being via a loving challenge to change

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Developmental and Transformational Coaching 

This type of coaching is based on the premise that for you to make a change, 
you will need to gradually develop new perspectives, new interpretations, 
new ways of doing and being to achieve new ways of behaving. 

As your coach I will accompany you on this loving challenge of change.

What I Offer You

I believe in you. To me you are absolutely worthy and completely loveable. You are worthy, no matter what. I believe that being able to get new results is not a question of self-worth or your ability. New results come from a loving challenge. 

The challenge is fun, the challenge is a way to test yourself. Embarking on coaching with me is a challenge to get you to some new place where you want to be and where you can do this through fun discovery. I am going to ask you to try something new.

When you work with me, you get a mix of coaching (loving challenge, compassionate inquiry, exercises, activities, self-reflection, lots of questions you've probably never been asked before, accountability, practice with new behaviors and ways of seeing the world, etc.), consulting (I help you define your leadership style, you how to set boundaries, how to navigate cultural differences, I help you gather the right resources for parenting challenges, etc.), and co-creating (we work together to create the kind of thoughts, actions, and behaviors you want).

We can work on transitions and integrations into new roles or cultures, determining your leadership style, managing negative self-talk, overcoming limitations and programming, gathering the right resources for your career, your work, your school, and your parenting challenges. Really anything that is holding you back. You answer some important questions about where you’re stuck, what you want to change, and what results you want. 

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Again, it’s not a question of self-worth or deserving, it’s just a loving challenge for fun. Won’t it be worth it? Try something new. 

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Choose from the following options or reach out to Almendra for a bespoke package


Six 60-to-90-minute sessions over three months. My goal is to give you the space and time to achieve your own independent decision-making process. For this reason, we’ll establish specific and temporary objectives to allow you to measure your own achievement. If you need more sessions, we can always add them. The sessions may be online or in person, and we’ll establish the dates and hours together.


Coaching Plus

In addition to the standard coaching package, you may want to add sessions from the various methodologies that I offer:

Certified Coach