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Let me help you work through your unconscious blockages and liberate yourself from the fear of the uncertain

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Written by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey and first published in 2009, Immunity to Change focuses on how so many people fail to achieve their goals – no matter how motivated they may be. Moreover it gives concrete processes for the reader to work though so that they can break through their unconscious blockages.
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Immunity to Change Facilitator

I decided to become an Immunity to Change facilitator because I was curious to use a tried and true framework that helps us understand our psychological immune system and that gives us a concrete way to overturn it. I want to make sure that the work that I do really counts and adding this tool to my services means reaching more people where they are and helping them to uncover more. I can’t wait to help as many people as possible overcome their unconscious blockages. Because it’s normal to experience resistance to change it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace the discomfort that comes with challenging our old ways of doing things. Immunity to Change mapping and testing allows you to move away from that persisten negative self talk and re-work it from a place of confidence. We’re all so much better than we think.

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Personal ITC Mapping

What is the One Big Thing that you can do that would really make your life better? 

Let's work an important improvement goal and make sure that your psychological immune system doesn't block your success in achieving it. 

Book 6-8 60-minute sessions to define your improvement goal, uncover what behaviors you have in place that are counterproductive, and what is really holding you back. 

Let's get down to working with your Big Assumptions and testing them in a safe, supportive and challenging way to make sure you get to where you want to be!

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 Pair ITC Mapping

Whether it be a romantic, work, friend or family relationship, there may come a time when you need to improve it

What is the one big thing you two can do to really make being, living and/or working together better? 

Create a better relationship by uncovering what Big Assumptions you have with regards to your role in it and then testing them to see how you can improve the relationship together. 

Book 6-8 90-minute sessions for you and your partner, family member, friend or colleague to help define your relationship improvement goal and works towards getting to where you want to be!

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Team ITC Mapping

Working as part of team requires alignment and a shared direction.
Moving your team towards optimum results in a change process, project or new venture can be challenging. 

What is the One Big Thing you all want to improve and how can each member of the team contribute? 

Book 8 90-minute sessions to define your collective and individual improvement goals. Start uncovering what is holding you back and how to test your Big Assumptions to make sure that your collective and individual goals are accomplished!