Five easy ways to embark on a habit of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness day is the perfect reminder to spread some love around!
February 17, 2023 by
Five easy ways to embark on a habit of kindness
Almendra Staffa-Healey
“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time” Ron Hall

It’s common to feel that the world is getting more divided, that communities are breaking down and that feelings of isolation are on the increase. But rather than taking that as a given why not look around at some great initiatives that are building bonds and building hope? One of these is the Random Acts of Kindness day on February 17, encompassed in a whole week of kind acts from Feb 12-18. A time to really focus on spreading love through small acts at work or at school.

As inspiration, why not try:
✨ Handwriting a letter to someone special and mailing it.
✨ Complimenting a stranger
✨ Picking up trash
✨ Calling a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while
✨ Leaving money at a cafe so that someone later in the day can have a free coffee.

And what’s truly remarkable about embarking on a habit of kindness is that it not only brighten up the day of those around you but has scientifically proven health benefits for the giver too. By helping others we stimulate the reward centers of the brain, provoking the so-called ‘Helper’s High’. It has been shown to lower both stress and blood pressure while reducing the risk of cognitive impairment. So what are you waiting for? Start spreading the love today and don’t limit it to just a few days in February!

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