The inspiration behind the First Peace Circle initiative

This course is aimed at those who want greater harmony in their lives
February 10, 2024 by
The inspiration behind the First Peace Circle initiative
Almendra Staffa-Healey

Do you have a sense that we’re living through exceptionally unsettled times? Maybe you avoid the news in order to circumvent the stress caused by the latest twist in geopolitics? Regardless of your current affairs viewing habits, the general sense of disjointedness in the world must surely be evident to you. In certainly is for me. And that’s why I’ve set up the First Peace Circle event. 


It’s basically a year-long course with three meetings a month - excluding August and December - where a group of like-minded (or, as I like to put it, like-souled!) people go on an incredible journey together. The focus throughout will be on HARMONY. Harmony in the self. Harmony in relationships. Between two people. Harmony within a group. And, ultimately envisioning harmony between nations. 

The intention of the First Peace teachings are about how to bring people from many traditions together to remember and share how to live first peace: peace in the self.
The principles are universal. They are one way to see and understand the nature of this universe. And the practices are examples of how to live in harmony with the universe. And there are many ways, and many practices that we can learn and remember together.

I'll be leading the course with my fellow First Peace leaders Angele Camus and Marta Cisneros

The Lalita Devi First Peace Circle will be a journey of dedicated practice. Focusing on opening up to ourselves and to each other. Transcending differences and forming a community. Becoming aware of how we bring energy to ourselves and certain situations in our lives. And about learning just how to create a sense of balance and harmony throughout all our life. 

In our first session we’ll get to know each other. Then there’ll be an introduction to the matrix of the First Peace Circle and how it works. From then on, three meetings will take place every month on Thursdays with sessions usually lasting around two and a half hours. At the end of the year we will gather again together for a weekend to close the cycle of learnings.

The beauty of the process is that it comes from Ancient Earth Wisdom. The First Peace Circle builds in a natural and aligned way with each other. It takes into account our natural flows and cycles and is strengthened by doing the discovery and work with others, in community.


  • This course will give you a sense of having awakened to a greater connection to yourself and to others. 
  • You will open up to your own stillness - a stillness that you will be able to drop into when you feel under pressure. 
  • You will feel a greater sense of appreciation of diversity, developing a heightened alertness to when you experience a sense of closing, and practicing shifting by transcending ego into a space where you are more able to respond appropriately to what is confronting you. 
  • You will remember your true purpose in life by gaining skills to reorient yourself as you walk your sacred path.
  • You will realize that the body is a sacred container and you will tune your attention to learn to listen to its wisdom in the way you care for it, maintain it and allow beauty to surround it.
  • Through the practice of conscious dreaming you will create the world you want to live in - by creating it first with yourself.
  • You will learn to bring consciousness into your daily life through connection with the truth, wholeness and harmony.
  • And last but not least, you will learn to care for your life force energy, your overall state of vitality, though a centered state of wellbeing.
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